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Our knowledge of carpet and carpet installation gives our clients the best buying or selling experience possible.

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At Lakeside Floor Coverings, our knowledge of carpet and carpet installation gives our clients the best buying experience possible!

We are proud to employ a team of fully experienced professionals who are ready to take your project head-on, right up to the final reveal.

If you are in the market for new flooring and you believe carpeting is your best option, we are here to guide you through your options.

Work with us today at Lakeside Floor Coverings so we can bring you the most in your carpet selection and installation process.

Choosing the Best Carpet for Your Project

Lakeside Floor Coverings is happy to offer both residential and commercial carpeting solutions. Because of that, we can be trusted to deliver the best outcome in just about any type of carpeting project!

When it comes to carpets, whether residential or commercial, a variety of types and styles exist so that you can find something that will be a perfect fit for your vision.

The sales team at Lakeside would love to work with you to guide you toward the right product options that all be a worthy addition to your space.

For ease of learning, we will break down the different carpeting options you can expect to discover during your carpeting selection process. And we’re here to help you along the way!

Residential Carpet Types

True to the category name, residential carpets are meant for use in home settings and can be relied upon to be both durable and comfortable.

Customers have so many different residential carpeting options to choose from!

At Lakeside Floor Coverings, we understand that this choice can sometimes be an overwhelming one to consider, so we thought it would be helpful to explain how some common types of residential carpeting are set apart from each other.

Refer to the below table to begin to understand some basics of common residential carpet information.

Carpeting Type




Pros & Cons


Medium pile height 

Very soft feel 

Cut pile


Straight Saxony: Plush more formal vibes 

Trackless: textured varieties that are more casual 

Due to the variation in appearance, Saxony can be used in just about any decor scheme!

Straight Saxony provides a high-end, velvety feel but does show track marks. 

Textured Saxony disguises traffic marks better so it does well in family rooms and dens. 



Looped style ranging in size and tightness of loops.




Works well in a variety of rooms

Styles with soft fibers create a relaxed ambiance


Big variety in color, styles, and materials

Hides dirt well but doesn’t offer the softest feel



Long fibers

Tightly twisted



Shag-like appearance


Inviting and laid-back feel  

Great for disguising seams 

Relaxed feel is not always the best in formal settings

Translates great into family rooms and basements 

Cut and Loop

A mix of cut and looped fibers that create a pattern 

Wide variety of design and texture 

Different patterning options available (linear, geometric, dot, etc)

Often seen in modern or industrial-styled homes 


Works well in a variety of rooms


Certain varieties can make a statement 

Visual interest

Potential for the appearance of wear


Commercial Carpet Types

Because of the high traffic that commercial areas experience, a different category of carpets exists to stand up to the increased wear and tear of commercial environments. This is why commercial-grade carpet is around!

Just like residential carpeting, commercial carpets come in a variety of types and our knowledgeable sales team can provide you with what you need to know to match you with the perfect commercial carpet type.

Broadloom Commercial Carpets

Known as the most traditional type of commercial carpets, broadloom carpeting comes in rolls. Its low pile makes the surface pretty easy to clean and more resistant to staining. Let our installation experts fit your space with just the right broadloom carpet and in no time you will enjoy the soft underfoot feel!

Commercial Carpet Tiles

Unlike broadloom carpets, each commercial carpet tile comes in a pre-sized square oe rectangle that can be used in a modular fashion. Our talented installation team can be trusted to create beautiful designs and patterns with our carpet tile products! Work with our sales and design team to mock up the perfect style you are going for!

Due to its tiling nature, carpet tiles can be individually removed if needed which makes them easy to relatively easy to replace. And, of course, the Lakeside Floor Coverings installation team is ready to repair your carpet tiles when the time comes!

commercial carpet installation

The Unbeatable Beauty of Carpet

When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring solution for your space, you have to consider the benefits of each flooring type so you can be sure your product brings you what you need!

What’s great about carpet is the perks it offers, whether that is in your home or commercial space!

Price Spectrum
Carpets come in a broad range of price points so you are bound to find some beautiful options to match your budget!
Our carpet varieties at Lakeside Floor Coverings is expansive enough to include everything from a lower price point builder grade, all the way up to options that will prove to be an extravagant showpiece!

Easy of Maintenance
In general, carpets are relatively easy to clean. It’s common in today’s world to have a vacuum in most homes, and that’s usually all that is needed to keep up the appearance of your carpets.

Certain styles of carpet are even designed to disguise dirt and other common forms of floor debris!

These styles can be trusted to camouflage all that may enter a space in a given day so you can sigh a breath of relief knowing you don’t have to worry about people seeing messy floors in your home or commercial property!

If that tidbit piques your interest, let our sales team know so we can provide you with some wonderful carpet options that will give you that!

Variety of Options
Carpets, whether residential or commercial, come in a variety of colors, designs, patterns, and fibers! You can trust that if you are going for a certain look or feel, the perfect carpeting product exists to meet your needs.

If you have an existing color scheme that your carpet needs to fit into, or if you are using your carpets to establish that color scheme, you can bank on finding a perfect carpeting option that will look its part!

Carpeting has a unique ability to provide both physical and emotional warmth to a space.

Whether it’s the coziness of a bedroom or the inviting feel of a living room, carpets are able to warm up a space in ways that other flooring surfaces cannot.

And unlike some other flooring types, carpets also do a great job of absorbing sound to reduce echo and sound transfer.

All together, carpet can bring a certain warmth to a space that other flooring solutions cannot compete with.

Team members at Lakeside Floor Coverings would love to work with you today to bring that cozy feel you want to your space!

Lakeside’s Carpet Installation Process

When you choose to work with Lakeside Floor Coverings, you are investing in a worthwhile experience! Lakeside Floor Coverings can help you find the perfect carpet, finish, and style for your space.

Our expert carpet installation team will consult with you on the appropriate installation method and provide professional, prompt installation of your new carpet.

The education our team receives as well as the expertise they hold from years of positive experience means that you are getting the best buying experience out there!
Our installation experts will take the utmost care with your project. They can be trusted to deliver top-notch results every time.

Here’s a very brief glimpse of what you can expect from the installation gurus at Lakeside Floor Coverings:

One of the first things our installation team will do is work with you to determine what work needs to be done in order to prepare your existing floors for carpet installation.

This could mean subfloor repair, tearing out old carpeting, and much more.
Each project we own is different from the next, and we acknowledge that by seeing your project as an individual one with unique needs.

Because of that, our installers will determine what your space might need in order to execute the best end results. We know all things flooring so trust that we will set you up with just the right solution!

Once the existing carpet is out and the subfloor is ready, you can expect our installation team to thoroughly clean the floor to remove any debris, dirt, or any other refinements that might stand in the way of an even carpet installation.

Our team at Lakeside will help you find the perfect carpet padding that will improve your carpet’s performance and meet the comfort level desired in your space!

Having the floor in the best condition before the final carpeting is installed means that our installers will give you the best outcome possible!

Seams and Trims
Once the floors are in prime condition, our installers will begin laying your new carpet.

Lakeside carpet installers will use their years of experience with seams and trimming to give you an end product that will be a worthy before and after reveal!

Their professional workmanship will show a high attention to detail!

Attaching the Carpet
After all that work is done, the team will then stretch and attach your carpet in such a detailed way that you will be counting down the minutes til you can walk across such an exact floor.

You can expect our installation team to do a final trimming and tucking at the walls to make sure that your carpet looks flawlessly finished!

Contact Us for Carpet Installation in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro

In the end, Lakeside Floor Coverings has what you need! Lush, hard-wearing, and available in hundreds of combinations of fibers, styles, and colors, carpet is a timeless choice for bedrooms, living areas, and commercial spaces.

The design consultants at Lakeside Floor Coverings will help you narrow down your options to find a high-quality carpet that will look phenomenal and last for years.

Our professional carpet installation team will install your carpet without leaving a mess behind. 

Contact us Lakeside Floor Coverings or 763-503-0100 today so we can get rolling on your carpet installation project! In no time, your dream floors will become your reality!


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Alexander Rensch
Alexander Rensch
Kelsey and I had a fantastic experience with Lakeside! We worked the owner Phil and his wonderful sales team to find the right color and texture for our basement. They provided many samples to help with the tough decision. Couldn’t be happier and would absolutely do business with them again!
Carmen M
Carmen M
They did a great job and we love our new floors. We struggled to find the right flooring and color for 2 years, but Lakeside Floor Coverings worked up several custom samples until we found what we liked. See the before and after pictures!
Janice Anderson
Janice Anderson
Keia and Phil are easy to work with and their team provided excellent service. Keia is especially kind and fun to work with, even making sure our young child was welcome in the store and “helpful” to the process. We needed some flooring replaced while working with our homeowners insurance and they helped explain that process and even came out twice when we realized we needed additional measurements and quotes. Very happy with our carpet removal and LVP install in the basement.
Shari McMullen
Shari McMullen
They did a great job. The employees were very competent, skilled and able to communicate the process. The floors look great!
Paul Granos
Paul Granos
Very responsive and they do great work!
Phyllis Berger
Phyllis Berger
Everyone from Lakeside was great to work with. They were very knowledgeable and skilled, from letting us know what they thought would be under our old carpeted floor and needed to be done to make a beautiful hardwood floor in our bedroom. The new flooring flowed seamlessly with the older floor in the hallway. It wasn’t an easy job for them, but in the end the floor is perfect!
Joseph Paulson
Joseph Paulson
Can't say enough good things about these guys. They refinished a hardwood floor that was in rough shape hidden underneath carpet for years. They made it look new again. Then on another project they came and rescued the floor after another contractor who said they knew what they were doing messed it up. Be smart go with them from the start, don't be like me and call them after to save the day. Everyone is so kind and helpful here.
Wyldheart Woodelf
Wyldheart Woodelf
Knowledgeable and patient while I asked a ton of questions. I appreciated everyone working on finding solutions to make my project work within my budget
Lisa Marie Jordet
Lisa Marie Jordet
Wonderful Flooring Store. Excellent Customer service. Knowledgeable and Friendly.