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Our knowledge of commercial & industrial floors gives our clients the best buying experience.

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Commercial & Industrial Flooring Installation

Commercial and industrial spaces require heavy-duty flooring solutions. And at Lakeside Floor Coverings, we are proud to be able to offer a wide array of flooring options that will exceed your expectations!

Our knowledge of commercial floors & industrial floors gives our clients the best buying experience out there.

We take great care when installing our heavy-duty commercial floor coverings that can always be counted on to be tough, durable, and appealing.

Our talented installers will provide you with the best results that you will be proud to showcase as a representation of your business.

Why Choose Lakeside’s Commercial & Industrial Flooring?

Lakeside Floor Coverings has commercial & industrial flooring options for most commercial and industrial spaces.

Different projects require different flooring components and we’re here to deliver just what you need out of your unique flooring project.

Our team members are at the top of the industry so you can expect an outstanding experience, from start to finish.

The flooring product line we offer at Lakeside Floor Coverings contains a superior array of reputable flooring solutions.

We will give you what your flooring project needs!

Take a look at just some of the features our product lines offer:

Acoustic Properties
If you are in need of a commercial & industrial flooring solution that can help reduce the amount of sound in a space, then Lakeside Floor Coverings is here to meet your needs! Some spaces need to maintain privacy, and in certain circumstances, we can help you choose a flooring solution that can do just that.

When the right commercial or industrial flooring option is used in a space, accidents can potentially be avoided. Let our knowledgeable and accommodating sales team help you find the best flooring solution that offers what you might need out of slip resistance and comfort.

Given large rolling loads, heavy machinery, and high traffic volumes that are to be expected in commercial & industrial spaces, we offer indent-resistant, study, and resilient flooring products that can be counted on in the long run.

Highly Durable
From dings and dents to scratches and stains, you can count on Lakeside’s commercial & industrial product offerings to stand up to potential damages from high traffic levels and other sources of wear and tear.

Functional Variety
Our commercial & industrial flooring products range in type and function. We offer VCT and VET tile, static dissipative tile, rubber flooring, and heat-welded sheet vinyl – all that in one stop! Give yourself an advantage and work with one of our knowledgeable staff to find the right flooring option that will fulfill the technical specifications of your project.


Aesthetic Variety
Let’s set the record straight: just because commercial & industrial floors need to be durable doesn’t mean that their style needs to take a hit. No way! Many of our manufacturers offer a variety of styles, colors, and patterns that can add to the aesthetic appeal of any environment. Certain products can add warmth to a space and others can give just the right amount of flair!

Low Maintenance
Inherent in most commercial & industrial spaces is a need for low-maintenance furnishings, textiles, and flooring solutions. And most of our products come with a very low-key care routine: spilled water can be wiped up, simple stains can be easily removed, and basic cleaning products are all that’s needed. You can put your saved time, energy, and money elsewhere!

Get in touch with our team to discover your floor covering and installation options. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Lakeside’s Commercial & Industrial Floor Installation Expertise

Our professional installation services at Lakeside Floor Coverings have raised the bar in the flooring industry!

You can expect our skilled installers to have the precise knowledge it takes to deliver top-of-the-line flooring installation. They have an eye for detail and a knack for care that will leave you with a highly functional and beautiful space.

Because Lakeside Floor Coverings employs in-house installers, we know our people and we know how to work together to achieve phenomenal results for your flooring needs.

Our prompt services respect your timeline while also leaving you with what you came for: a stunning floor that can support your commercial and industrial needs.

Commercial & Industrial Flooring Options

Different industries require different flooring solutions, and we know that!

That’s why Lakeside Floor Coverings is excited to offer a variety of flooring systems to best match your needs.

Below we will break down our commercial & industrial flooring options – you can bet you’ll find one just right for your project.

And if you’re looking for some expert input, our dedicated sales team can also be depended on to help you choose the right product for the technical needs of your space!

Heat-Welded Sheet Vinyl

When maintaining the sterility of an environment comes as a top priority, heat-welded sheet vinyl is a sure way to go for combating surface contaminates and other means of spreading infections.

Heat-welded sheet vinyl is commonly used in lots of medical facilities and laboratories in an effort to reduce the spread of bacteria and pathogens.

You can trust our expert floor installers to give your project the most seamless – and therefore sterile – results out there.

VCT & VET Tile

Lakeside is pleased to offer different commercial tile products that are great flooring solutions in a variety of commercial spaces: grocery stores, hospitals, schools, etc.

Most VCT and VET products can also be depended on to be more resistant to chemical abrasions, making them a highly resilient flooring option.

If your project is in a high-traffic area with durability and budget at the forefront of your mind, then let our dedicated team help you find just the right commercial flooring solution to meet your need.

Rubber Flooring

For projects that rank functionality and comfort as top priority, rubber flooring is a desirable flooring system.

Rely on our trusted expert installers to bring the utmost in flooring to your gym, weight room, or educational setting.

You’ll quickly appreciate the extreme durability, water resistance, and shock-absorbent qualities of rubber flooring.

Static Dissipative Tile

The work done in some manufacturing facilities sometimes requires a special electrical component in an effective flooring system. This type of flooring is called static dissipative tile (SDT) and is used in areas with the presence of equipment susceptible to electromagnetic discharge.

Who knew flooring could be so intense?!
Lakeside Floor Coverings is happy to share that we have been the flooring provider for many projects needing SDT as their flooring system, and as you’ll see, our experience speaks to our ability!

Our expert installers can be depended on to deliver what you need out of a floor surface.

Get in touch with our team to discover your floor covering and installation options. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Commercial & Industrial Flooring Brand Offerings

Are you brand loyal? Or, do you come with a brand recommendation to fulfill your commercial & industrial flooring needs? I bet we can meet your needs!

Maybe you’re neither of those and you’re starting from scratch! That’s perfectly fine because we have a repertoire of manufacturers that we rely on to help us provide you with flooring products you can trust and love.

At Lakeside Floor Coverings, we are pleased to offer a variety of commercial & industrial flooring products from a range of reliable manufacturers:

With all of our services, knowledge, and industry expertise, do yourself a favor by reaching out to us today at Lakeside Floor Coverings or 763-503-0100 so we can deliver you the best flooring solutions possible!


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Wyldheart Woodelf
Knowledgeable and patient while I asked a ton of questions. I appreciated everyone working on finding solutions to make my project work within my budget
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Lisa Marie Jordet
Wonderful Flooring Store. Excellent Customer service. Knowledgeable and Friendly.
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Brielle Bernardy
Extremely friendly staff. Keia and Phil are very helpful, very knowledgeable on what they are doing, and eager to help their customers. They have helped me through the process immensely. I had water damage to my floor and they have stuck with me through this awful event to make sure I love my new floors and that they work best for me.
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Kalan T.
Needed to order some specific flooring to match what was already in the house. Robyn and the people at Lakeside Flooring were incredibly helpful at getting me a sample and then my order. They were always friendly and communicated clearly! Thanks guys!
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Danielle Massie
Phil and Keia are wonderful. We were in their showroom today with our young son and they treated him like their own and were completely unphased by his activity level. Super helpful and knowledgeable and very patient with us trying to figure out the best floor for our kitchen. Highly recommend!
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Brittany Wells
Prompt service, quality install. Competitive pricing and knowledgeable.
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Patricia Stinson
Wonderful people to work with. Wonderful flooring. I recommend this company.
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Linda Wynne
We were really impressed by the service we received. We were given a short explanation of different kinds of carpet. We had help deciding which kind of carpet our lifestyle would require. They made an appointment for measuring the size of our rooms. They were here exactly the time of our appointment. The carpet only took one week to arrive. It was installed right on time The installers left no remnants and all was cleaned up. We were really impressed by this company.