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Laminate Flooring

Lakeside Floor Covering’s laminate flooring options are the best on the market and exceed the high standards of our customers.

Because we are a company that both sells and installs our products, we are able to offer a holistic approach to flooring solutions. You can be guaranteed that the Lakeside team will find just the right flooring option to best suit your needs!

Laminate floors come with an array of benefits and we are here to help you determine if laminate flooring should be your flooring solution of choice.

Get in touch with our team to discover your floor covering and installation options. We’re looking forward to working with you.

What are Laminate Floors?

Despite what you might have heard about laminate flooring, this type of flooring continues to be a wonderful choice for lower-budget projects. It’s been around since the 70s and has since enjoyed modern updates in technology throughout the years.

Laminate floors are especially great for areas that might be prone to floor scratches and other types of wear and tear – children, pets, etc.

Like some of its flooring counterparts, laminate floors are made with multiple synthetic layers that are all pressed together to form the laminate product.

The layer you can see contains an image that gives your floors their distinctive look. That imaging layer is protected by an invisible layer that sits upon it, called the wear layer.
Laminate flooring can be made to look like just about anything due to that imaging layer that can mimic hardwood floors or other trendy looks.

Like engineered wood flooring, laminate floors contain a manufactured wood base.

This flooring solution comes in different plank widths, both narrow and wide, in order to best represent the more expensive flooring style it is mimicking. Above all, laminate is a versatile product that has the look of high-end hardwood and tile without the price tag or maintenance requirements. Sounds ideal, right?

Our flooring experts at Lakeside Floor Coverings are eager to work with you today to find the best style that brings some excitement to your space!

Why Laminate Floors Make Sense

The beauty of laminate flooring is that it can capture the high-end look of more expensive flooring options, but you can get it at a fraction of the cost!

Another appeal of laminate flooring is that there are different types of laminate that are designed to target different areas of need: scratch resistance, waterproof laminate, installation ease, etc.

Lakeside Floor Coverings has an expansive collection of different laminate flooring options that we can guide you through to find your best fit!

Keep reading to see just a few of the wonderful benefits of laminate flooring!

Attractive Pricing
When it comes to the cost of materials for laminate flooring, you can generally expect a price point that is 25-50% less expensive than hardwood flooring!

But don’t forget this: just because laminate flooring comes with a more attractive price tag, does not mean that you are getting a sub-par flooring solution.

Updates in the specifications of laminate flooring have brought to the market a better product that’s more water resistant and overall more durable than it used to be. And the styling options are also bountiful!

Worth noting is that some laminate flooring varieties are made to be a more premium product and such laminate flooring solutions do come with a higher price point.

So, if you have a budget in mind, let our sales team at Lakeside Floor Coverings work with you to find a laminate flooring solution that makes you proud!

Laminate flooring can be trusted to be a durable flooring option. They’re great for highly trafficked homes that might see more wear and tear than most homes.

You can trust in laminate flooring’s durability to stand up to scratches that might come from pets or other incidentals. If children run about your house, rely on the stain-resistant capabilities that laminate flooring can offer you! In all, laminate floors can give you the durability you are looking for.

When it comes to durability, if professional installation is done with expertise and finesse, you can rely on your laminate flooring option to have water-resistant qualities.

With that being said, laminate floor installation is best left to the experts like those at Lakeside Floor Coverings. Be warned that if there’s not enough attention paid to installation detailing, then you run the risk of water penetrating the particleboard that is part of the laminate’s construction.

Easy Maintenance
Another quality aspect of laminate flooring is that they don’t have seams as part of their construction. This means a smoother finish with less of an opportunity for crumbs and other forms of debris to get stuck in any crevice of the floor.

A textured or embossed surface type requires a bit more attention, but are both completely manageable when it comes to caring for them.

Regular sweeping or vacuuming will help to keep your floors in great shape! A no-shoe policy should be used to maintain their appeal. If you see a spill, do your floors (and your wallet) a favor by cleaning it up ASAP. This will help prevent any damage from happening.

Microfiber mops are a great go-to for cleaning laminate flooring. You can forget about any kind of abrasive cleaner or tool, as that will inevitably damage your floors.
With the right care methods, laminate flooring can be expected to have a long lifetime – sometimes up to 30 years!

Stylistic Variety
Home decor has become a top priority for many people! And, there’s great news for these people when it comes to laminate flooring! This flooring option has been designed in many different iterations so that you have tons of options for how you want them to look.

Laminate flooring products can replicate natural flooring solutions like real hardwood and stone. Our expert installation team at Lakeside Floor Coverings is ready to deliver you an installation that dares some to distinguish laminate flooring as a version of their real-deal equivalent flooring.

Traditional patterning, chevron, wide planks, thin planks, herringbone, high gloss, etc – you name it, you’re likely to find a laminate flooring solution to match your vision.

If you’re looking for a sleek finish, you can opt for laminate flooring options that have a smooth surface type. Or, if something more antiqued and distressed is your flair, then distressed surface types are available in laminate options. Textured finishes also exist to better mimic the real deal product that laminate flooring can be a stand-in for.

Our design and sales team would love to artfully work with you to bring your desired scheme to life: modern, contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, etc. You can trust our experience to offer you just what you are looking for in your laminate flooring solution!

Laminate Floor Considerations

In order to land on just the right laminate flooring product, you need to be aware of some things to drive your choices.

Choosing to work with Lakeside Floor Coverings means that you are working with the best of the best when it comes to all things flooring. We are here to help you figure out what you don’t know and we will fill in the blanks along the way to get you the best end result possible!

Below we list some areas of consideration for laminate flooring:

AC Ratings
The rating used to determine a flooring product’s resistance to wear is called the Abrasion Criteria (AC). It uses a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most resistant to wear.

A flooring product marked as AC1 is meant for homes with light foot traffic. A rating of 3 or 4 is suggested for use in residential homes and an AC5 rating is suggested for commercial projects.

The sales team at Lakeside Floor Coverings will help you determine which laminate flooring products will meet the needs of your particular project! Trust in our product knowledge and expertise to deliver you exactly what you need out of your flooring solution!

Similar to some other types of flooring, laminate products come in different thicknesses. Generally speaking, you can expect laminate flooring to come in thicknesses of 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. Be mindful that the thickness rating does not include any attached underlayment.

Thickness matters when it comes to sound absorption, as thicker laminates tend to offer better noise reduction, making them a great choice for high-traffic areas or upper-level rooms. Additionally, the type of flooring being replaced and how your desired finished flooring height will play a crucial role in choosing the correct flooring thickness.

When in doubt, let our sales team guide your laminate flooring choices so we can help you nail the look and feel you’re going for!

Cost Savings
New floors don’t need to be a budget buster. In fact, laminate flooring can be a great choice for those who want to come in below budget. Projects that are more robust and include several rooms do well with laminate flooring because style doesn’t have to take a hit while saving money.

Or, if your project is limited to just one space, laminate flooring can still be a cost-saver that might allow you to splurge on a different design element in the room! By opting for a more neutral laminate flooring option, you can play with a variety of decor styles while your floors last through the long haul.

No matter your reason for choosing laminate flooring, our skilled team members at Lakeside Floor Coverings will deliver you a top-notch experience from start to finish.

Subfloor and Underlayment
Like most flooring varieties, laminate floors require a flat subfloor to be installed over. In some cases, an added underlayment or subfloor repair might be suggested when the subfloor has certain imperfections.

The right underlayment can absorb unwanted sound. Additionally, a proper underlayment can be trusted to create a soft underfoot feel that will make your back and feet happy!

When it comes to buying wisely, it’s important to understand how your laminate flooring product is constructed. Some products come with an attached underlayment; in these cases, an additional underlayment is unnecessary.

Work with our team at Lakeside Floor Coverings today so that you know what you need to know about your chosen laminate flooring solution. Invest in what you need to! Our sales team and dedicated professional installation team are here to serve it up!

Laminate Flooring Brand Offerings

Are you brand loyal? Or, do you come with a brand recommendation to fulfill your laminate flooring needs? I bet we can meet your needs!

Maybe you’re neither of those and you’re starting from scratch! That’s perfectly fine because we have a repertoire of manufacturers that we rely on to help us provide you with flooring products you can trust and love.

At Lakeside Floor Coverings, we are pleased to offer a variety of laminate flooring products from a range of reliable manufacturers:


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