Tips and Tricks for Carpet Cleaning in High-Traffic Areas

by Oct 12, 2023Carpet

Carpet Cleaning High Traffic Areas

When it comes to cleaning practices for traffic-friendly carpets, you must realize that not all carpet fibers enjoy the same cleaning hacks!

But, if you know the right hacks to clean your specific carpet fiber, you will put yourself in a better position to keep them for years to come.

Keep reading to see some carpet cleaning tips. We’ll lay out what type of equipment you should use as well as things to remember when it comes to keeping your carpets clean!

Nylon Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Nylon is known as a go-to carpet fiber in high-traffic areas. Keeping it clean will help maintain its resilient feel and look!

Whether you need to sanitize and deodorize your carpets, or you are targeting specific stains, here’s what you need to know when it comes to cleaning nylon carpets:

What You Need:
– Hot water extraction carpet machine
– Neutral PH carpet cleaner to help maintain nylon’s stain-resistant properties

Things to Know:
– Use even strokes to move the machine along the carpet. Do not stay too long in one area!
– Take your time to do a rinse cycle too with just water in the tank. Let the machine suck up as much water as possible during the rinsing phase.
– If you have different carpet fibers in your house or place of business.
– Read the manufacturer guidelines. The right cleaner can help restore the brightness of your nylon fibers!

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Polyester Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning practices for polyester carpets are similar to what you’d do to clean nylon carpets. Both are synthetic fibers and can be treated in a similar fashion.

Things to Know:

– Don’t forget about the perks of regularly vacuuming high-traffic areas. Doing so helps remove hidden debris and it can fluff up the fibers so they stand right.
– Regular vacuuming helps prevent an oily build-up that can trap dirt.
– Baking soda works well on mild stains if used immediately.
– Don’t forget to spot-test!

Wool Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Wool carpets add a certain warmth and feel that some other carpet fibers can’t compete with. In order to maintain their plush appearance, it’s wise to know what you’re doing!

What You Need:
– Follow a wool stain removal guide

Things to Know:
– Never use bleach, ammonia, or related cleaning solutions! This will ruin the color of your beautiful wool!
– Always allow extra time for your wool carpets to dry entirely. Walking on them too soon can cause damage like warping.
– Don’t rely too heavily on the natural waxy coating on wool carpets to keep them clean. Dab up carpet stains ASAP with a clean cloth! Use the right cleaning solution.
– Seek a carpet cleaning service for stubborn stains.

Triexta Carpet Cleaning Hacks

However, so far it seems to be a promising high-traffic carpet!

In order to keep your triexta carpeting in the best shape, here are some carpet cleaning hacks:

What You Need:
– Hot water
– A carpet cleaner with a pH of 10 or lower

Things to Know:
– Avoid oil-based perfume solutions – the oil can seep into the fiber.
– DIY cleaning is not the suggested cleaning method. Leave it to the experts!

Conclusion – Carpet Cleaning High-Traffic Areas

As you can see, the type of carpet fiber will determine how you clean your high-traffic carpet. Knowing the right practices includes also knowing what to avoid.

Regular carpet cleaning will take you a long way. Deep cleaning is needed for maintenance and professional cleaning can do wonders.

At Lakeside Floor Coverings, you can trust our professional carpet cleaning experience and stain removal advice to keep your unique carpets in the best condition possible! A clean carpet makes a statement!

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