What is Commercial Luxury Vinyl?

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What is Commercial Luxury Vinyl

Commercial-grade luxury vinyl is a luxury vinyl flooring product that’s known for its increased durability when compared to residential-grade luxury vinyl.

Put up against other commercial flooring options, commercial luxury vinyl flooring shines with its lavish looks and small price tag. Luxury vinyl products bring you the realistic look you want with the increased durability and easy maintenance found with vinyl-based products.

Below we will highlight some points of interest to think about in regard to luxury vinyl flooring in your particular commercial space. And we’ll also give you some essential information about trends we’re seeing in commercial luxury vinyl flooring products!

Choosing the Right Commercial Luxury Vinyl Product

If you’ve decided that luxury vinyl floors are best for your commercial space, your next step is to consider a few areas of your unique project so you can end up with the best product! You’ll see this laid out below for your reference.

Traffic Levels
Luxury vinyl flooring products are made with multiple layers. The first layer, or top layer, is called the wear layer.

The wear layer serves as a protective film that preserves the imaging layer. This is important because the imaging layer houses the actual stylistic image you can see, distinguishing one style of luxury vinyl from the next.

The wear layer is also responsible for the durability of the product and it’s measured in units called mils – you’ll see a range from 4 mils up to 40 mils.

The higher the mil, the more protection there is to the surface of the product. In turn, this provides a higher protection level for the image of the product. A rating of 20 mils or more is suggested in commercial areas.

A note here: commercial spaces with lighter foot traffic might be able to use a 12 mil or above product.

Installation Types
Commercial areas that have heavy rolling loads should use a glue-down installation method. A manufacturer-approved adhesive is needed to ensure you get the necessary stability and longevity. Due to its lower profile, a glue-down install is best in commercial areas with mobility concerns (wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, etc).

With that being said, a floating installation method can be used right over the top of most existing floors in commercial spaces. This interlocking method is less durable but easier to install.

Above all, we suggest the use of professionals when it comes to installation. Your floors come together to represent your business, in part. A beautiful, sturdy floor mirrors a well-functioning place of business.

Luxury vinyl flooring is very easy to clean – a vacuum (no beater bar) and dry mop will get you to where you need to be! No waxing, re-finishing, or polishing is needed.

Routine maintenance includes cleaning up any spills or messes immediately. Mopping can be done weekly depending on traffic levels.

Refer to your particular flooring contractor for specific information on deep cleaning. You can expect to use a neutral cleaner, scrubber, and water. This should be done so dirt doesn’t get ground into the vinyl.

Get in touch with our team to discover your floor covering and installation options. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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Commercial Luxury Vinyl Flooring Trends

Luxury vinyl floors aren’t all work and no play! In fact, a big factor making luxury vinyl flooring a hot option in commercial spaces is its enormous array of stylistic options.

And because of all of these options, many different types of commercial spaces are choosing luxury vinyl flooring – from hospitals to schools, to entertainment venues and workspaces, these floors are being used just about anywhere!

Natural Vibes
As of late, one aesthetic trend in commercial spaces is levitating toward the world of organic beauty. You can see this in the tons of different wood-mimicking vinyl plank flooring options that many commercial spaces are turning to as their flooring solution. The graining effect is being seen in lots of spaces!

Softer accents are another emerging trend that echos natural vibes. The enhanced imaging technology being used in luxury vinyl now showcases subtle looks of wood, metal, and stone – all of which are being used for a naturalistic effect in some commercial spaces.

Luxury vinyl flooring is becoming a great way to achieve a warmer, more inviting feel in some heavier commercial areas.

You might have noticed that some commercial areas (hospitals & corporate workspaces, for example) are no longer the dull, stale spaces they used to be.

And it’s likely that you can thank luxury vinyl flooring for the splashes of color, textures, and patterns that are breathing energy into these spaces that previously lacked life.

The mass of aesthetic options that luxury vinyl flooring is available in is also making it easier for commercial areas to use their flooring solution as an extension of their business identity. No longer are they limited to drab options – patterns, colors, and shapes are now being manipulated to reflect intentional brand energy in statement-making ways!

Conclusion – What is Commercial Luxury Vinyl

For a beautiful flooring product that is equally as durable, luxury vinyl flooring is the way to go! And even better, commercial flooring doesn’t get much more low maintenance than luxury vinyl flooring.

At Lakeside Floor Coverings, we suggest you start your commercial luxury vinyl flooring project by educating yourself on what your particular space requires. Knowing this will help you make the best choice possible!

Get in touch to get started on your commercial luxury vinyl flooring project. Our friendly staff can arrange a time for you to visit our showroom or for our professional team to visit your home or commercial property for an on-site estimate. Call 763-503-0100.


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