Commercial Floor Tile Types

by Aug 2, 2023Commercial Tile

Commercial Floor Tile

Commercial tile is a common type of commercial flooring, especially in instances when function trumps style. Now, this is not to say that stylistic options do not exist with commercial tile because they certainly do!

While commercial tile does not have as many design options as LVT, it does come with varying colors and simple patterns – whatever color you pick is bound to stay vibrant! Upgrades in technology are also bringing about more design options in commercial tile.

As the market looks forward to these new designs, commercial tile continues to be known for being low maintenance, extremely durable, and looking good on a budget!

Commercial tile is a huge defender of almost any type of wear and tear: scratches, dings, dents, chips, spills, scuffs… it is tough!

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Common Types of Commercial Tile

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)
VCT has been around for quite some time and it once had the name of being the “go-to” flooring option in commercial spaces. It’s a vinyl composite product made with limestone plus other filler materials. VCT is different from LVT in that LVT is 100% vinyl – the composite material in VCT makes it more porous than LVT.

Often the goal with VCT is to be a cost-effective floor solution that also has the desirable looks. It’s a great go-between for a rubber floor and a luxury vinyl floor. To be specific, VCT can be more aesthetically pleasing than rubber floors and it comes at a lower upfront price point than LVT.

VCT requires occasional waxing, finishing, and polishing to maintain its level of protection (this is not needed with LVT).

Vinyl-Enhanced Tile (VET)
VET differs from VCT in that it has a higher vinyl content. It also contains high amounts of natural minerals and it’s recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option!

Another plus of VET is that it’s more resistant to dirt buildup. More binder (a material that attaches liquid or solids together to combine them as a whole) is used in VET than VCT. Because of these reasons, VET generally requires less maintenance than VCT.

Static Dissipative Tile (SDT)
SDT flooring has an electrical resistance component. To achieve this, SDT contains elements of carbon, graphite, and other metal-coated particles that all offer electrical conductivity.

Because it’s made to resist the flow of electricity, SDT is a necessary flooring type in certain commercial spaces like computer rooms or electrical rooms where surges and other types of electrical shocks pose a threat.

In a commercial space with SDT flooring, electrostatic charges are drained away from people, therefore reducing the chances of electrical shock.

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3 “Need to Knows” for Commercial Tile

#1 Durability Testing
The Porcelain Enamel Institue (PEI) scale exists to test the durability of different types of tile – a scale of 1-5 is used from least to most durable.

Tile rated at PEI 3 can be used in lightly trafficked commercial areas such as small cafes or shops. A rating of PEI 4 is effective for use in most commercial spaces like schools and restaurants.

Any and all commercial spaces can use tile with a PEI 5 ranking – while it’s not known for its looks, PEI 5 tile is looked up to for its extreme durability!

#2 Know Your Subfloor & Go Pro!
If you have an uneven subfloor, you should be prepared to take some time to perfect it because any imperfections will be easily visible. This is precisely why professional installation is highly suggested because if done incorrectly and without precision, your final result will not be what you expected. Lumps will show and the corners will likely begin to lift.

#3 Invest in Longevity
In the short term, commercial tile floors can be relatively easy to care for. Soap and water are enough and no special equipment is needed for their upkeep.

Looking into the long term, it’s wise to invest in professional polishing and buffing to keep up their glossy appearance. In other words, at the front end, commercial tile floors can be an inexpensive option, but be prepared to invest in their long-term maintenance.

Conclusion – Commercial Floor Tile Types

Commercial tiles present you with an affordable solution for the durability required by commercial floors. They are known to withstand immense amounts of pressure and if installed well and maintained properly, these floors can be a solid choice as a commercial flooring type.

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