What is Marmoleum Flooring?

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What is Marmoleum Flooring

Marmoleum: it’s a mouthful to say! And in basic terms, Marmoleum is a modern brand of classic linoleum flooring made by Forbo Flooring. It shares similar qualities to linoleum but what sets Marmoleum apart is its increased durability and enhanced styling options.

Made of primarily wood flour, jute, and linseed oil, Marmoleum is a natural flooring product that is chemical-free. It has a general life expectancy of 20-25 years and comes with an advisable care routine.

Marmoleum flooring comes in sheet, tile, and click as installation options for commercial flooring.

Marmoleum, as with many products, comes with a pro/con list – but, with this product in particular, there’s something interesting about the con side!

Keep reading to see exactly what we mean by that!

Steps to Erase the Cons of Marmoleum Flooring!

As alluded to earlier, Marmoleum does come with some downsides but the great news is that those can all nearly be avoided with some simple care and maintenance routines.

Before we get into that, let’s lay out the great parts of Marmoleum. First and foremost, it’s one of the few commercial flooring products that is very eco-friendly and biodegradable.

It touts environmentally friendly certifications and has been used for an extensive amount of time – all the while being free of toxins and harmful chemicals.

Marmoleum also helps combat dust mites and the presence of other allergens in your commercial space. Another perk of Marmoleum is that it has anti-static properties which means dust and dirt will have a hard time sticking to it!

It comes in many different patterns and colors, and it can be cut to make customized flooring creations – your options are endless! Opting for tiles allows for unique floor patterns and color combinations.

These tiles are installed with either an adhesive or click installation, depending on the specific variety you go with.

Marmoleum sheets come in three different stylistic collections, each with its own unique vibe: natural/graining, marble, and solid. All three collections are installed with a glue-down method which enhances their durable feel.

And as they say, with the good comes the bad – but, with a couple of steps, some common complaints about Marmoluem seem to disappear.

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Step 1 – Maintain the seal on the floor
By maintaining the seal on your Marmoleum floor, it will become less susceptible to staining. Make sure it is installed by a professional in order to ensure it has the proper seal and finish. Try your best to keep pets off these floors to avoid any accidents.

Marmoleum floors installed recently are less likely to need re-sealing like some older Marmoleum floors due to updates in fabrication and technology!

Step 2 – Pay attention to your warranty
Marmoleum is made by Forbo Flooring Systems. Most products come with a standard commercial warranty of 10 years. Also, if spills, accidents, or just normal aging issues occur after prolonged years of use, Marmoleum floors are quite easy to repair, unlike some vinyl products.

Step 3 – Put pads on furniture legs & heavy objects
It’s been said that Marmoleum floors can dent and scuff easily – a great way to avoid that is by putting pads on the legs of any furniture that sits atop these floors. This will help prevent furniture from creating scuffs, dents, or scratches.

Step 4 – Use only the recommended cleaning solutions
Cleaners with a low pH are suggested for Marmoleum floors. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best cleaning solution.

See? Those steps aren’t that hard, are they? By sticking to these routines, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy the other benefits of Marloleum floors.

Conclusion – What is Marmoleum Flooring

With a will, there is a way, and if you have a will for Marmoluem floors, there are some simple steps you can follow to make sure you get your way!

At Lakeside Floor Covering, we want to educate you on what to expect from your flooring as well as give you tips on how to best care for your chosen flooring option.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to learn what needs to be done to keep your floors looking good for years to come!

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