Hardwood Floor Design Trends

by Jun 8, 2023Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Design Trends

Yellow and orange-hued hardwood flooring types are things of the past. On its way out right now is also a gray-toned hardwood flooring option which we’ve seen take a dip in popularity.

As of late, warmer-toned hardwood flooring options are growing in demand. Continuing to retain its popularity are also wood species that create a classic aesthetic.

Engineered hardwood flooring has also made quite the name for itself in the sustainability category! And the great news for you is that here at Lakeside Floor Coverings, we can offer you that option, plus more! We’ve got all of our bases covered when it comes to providing you with a full range of hardwood flooring options that are trending.

Keep reading to get a glimpse into what we’re seeing as the top hardwood flooring styles!

Hardwood Floor Classic Designs

It’s often said, don’t mess with a good thing. And the classic design scheme that is so popular right now adds credence to this statement. Timeless favorites like traditional oak and maple continue to be a go-to choice in the hardwood flooring industry.

To achieve this time-tested design, many customers opt for mid-toned brown floors to execute the classic look. This color variation has been around for decades and there’s a reason for that: it’s quintessential.

For a spin on that classic look, other customers are leaning toward deep, espresso-colored floors that could be easily mistaken for black. Its rich vibes bring a sense of history to your space, all of which echo the classic scheme.

Traditional oak and maple as well as rich mahogany and cherry are also ways to capture that timeless feel in your setting. To take it up a notch, we also see people using classic patternings like herringbone and chevron as well as parquet and basketweave. It’s a safe way to bring some fun to your classic aesthetic!

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Hardwood Floor Modern Designs

Huge right now is the levity that comes from light and neutral wood tones. Pale, ashen, and white-hued wood flooring options are here to stay! White oak, blonde finishes, and other whitewashing effects are in demand as they are the vibe of the moment.

A lighter-colored flooring base provides a neutral, modern backdrop to a space. The pale colors make your space feel bigger, brighter, and overall airier. Many homes are also claiming this color trend as its design scheme of choice because of the freshness it exudes and the up-to-date air it breathes.

Adding a finishing touch like a matte or soft satin finish provides a subtle sheen to accentuate a contemporary look. And an added bonus of choosing such a finish is that it helps to conceal any scratching and imperfections! Win!


“…It’s a statement piece!..” We’re sure you’ve heard someone utter those words before. We know this because it’s popular right now to manipulate your design choices to make a statement.

You can do that with your hardwood flooring! Dark, bold wood floor colors, as well as espresso and ebony tones, are being used to bring weight to a space with an added touch of gravity.

Wood species with distinctive grains and textures that provide a unique visual appeal are also easy ways to bring that statement energy into a space.

Mixing a variety of plank widths attracts visual interest as well. Opting for the use of all-wide planks is also an interior design trend. The use of creative hardwood flooring patterns like geometric designs – hexagons and diamonds – is big right now! And for an even bolder look, opt for the use of medallions or other inlay methods.

Conclusion – Hardwood Floor Design Trends

Choosing a hardwood floor as your flooring solution means that you are investing in a here-to-stay classic look. Their versatility allows you to continually stay on trend by mixing up a variety of your less-expensive decor items like pillows, throws, and wall coverings. No matter the combination, it is bound to all work in a space anchored with timeless hardwood floors.

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