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by Jun 7, 2023Luxury Vinyl Plank, LVP

Luxury Vinyl Plank – LVP Trends

Because of the hot price and versatile styling choices, it’s really no wonder why luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) is the it product right now and for the foreseeable future!

At Lakeside Floor Coverings, we pride ourselves on delivering the best to our customers. We start with an approach of understanding your installation needs first and that information helps us guide you toward the flooring option you ultimately choose.

Because we sell the products, we have industry-specific intel on flooring trends and we know why LVP is blazing its own way in the flooring world!

While you keep reading, you’ll see us explain some of the hottest trends we’re seeing in LVP flooring design options.

3 Ways to Design with a Priority

1 – Acoustics
What’s at the forefront of lots of people’s minds is the desire to connect. And who knew that LVP could help you do that? Let’s say you’d like to create a quiet space where sound can be more absorbed. Or maybe you want the opposite? To achieve either, you need to know this rule: the higher the thickness of an LVP product, the more sound it can absorb. We suggest a minimum of 5 mil thickness if acoustics is your priority.

2 – Highlight an area
One trend right now is also highlighting a particular area of a room. To do that, we’ve seen customers choose one area of interest in their room – with that one area, pick an LVP type with a distinct color, pattern, or texture! Then, with the rest of the room, lay an LVP type with a more simplistic design. Your highlighted area will pop in contrast to the rest!

3 – Longevity
Designing a room that has a neutral anchor is something we’re seeing a lot of. To do so, lots of people are opting for a more neutral LVP design like a light-colored plank. The light, neutral color can mesh with different pops of colors or patterns throughout the rest of the room: accessories like pillows, curtains, blankets, area rugs, etc (all of which are cheaper to replace than an entire floor!).

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Aesthetic LVP Trends

As the years progress, interior design trends change and evolve just like the rest of the world. If you’re looking to update your space, keep reading to see how LVP can help you do that!

Mixing & Matching
More and more we’re seeing clients opt for a mix of LVP – whether that’s a mix of textures, colors, sizes, or geometric patterns. This is easy to do with a mix of different wood species: oak, maple, hickory, and birch. Another easy way to bring this trend into your design is to mix LVP products that give off different appearances: tile, stone, wood, cement, etc.

Warning: don’t overdo it with the mixing & matching! There’s a balance to strike and we can help you get there!

Make a statement!
A fun and unique trend is running LVP up a wall! That might sound odd but if you’ve watched any HGTV lately, textured walls are 100% in! LVP can help you get that look if you simply shift your thinking from LVP being a flooring product to LVP being a designing tool. Wood mimicking LVP can be run up and down a wall to create a beautiful, warm reclaimed wood accent wall. Or choose a patterned LVP to create a textured wall.

Natural Elements
Popular right now is bringing the outdoors, in. You can pick a stone mimicking LVP product to bring that natural element into a room (either on the floor or as an accent wall). Playing with LVP that has natural wood-mimicking characteristics can also give you a nature-inspired element. Or maybe opt for an LVP with softer lines to achieve that natural look!

Conclusion – LVP Trends

If your goal is to achieve an on-trend flooring look, LVP can help you execute that. From different patterns, colors, and textures to re-thinking where you lay the LVP, luxury vinyl planking has the versatility you need to update your space.

Prominent in design trends right now is planning a space with an overarching priority in mind and it should be no surprise to hear that LVP can be a prioritizing design tool.

At Lakeside Floor Coverings, we’re here to support you in achieving that coveted on-trend look!

Our hope at Lakeside Floor Coverings is that you see us as providing the whole package because we install and sell the product. And because we do both, we know your installation needs and how to best match that with the perfect product for you. We’d love to work with you! Contact us today to start a project! 763-503-0100


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